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Emilie Jerard is best known for her diverse experiences. Being a creative director of her own YouTube channel, she readily invests her money in a variety of ways to build her net worth and boost the return rate on her money. Her primary goal is to create long-lasting assets in a battle to become financially secure and help others to achieve their financial goals. Indeed her YouTube Channel is geared up with several practical plans to stabilize one’s income and savings.

“I want to create a community where we encourage and support each other to reach our financial goals”

Emilie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Miami. With her unflagging confidence, she became the only person of color to graduate in the subject that year. While acquiring her degrees, she interned for the prestigious University of Miami Medical School. With her enthusiastic nature, she also interned diligently for DuPont carrying out transgenic drug research. Emilie followed her BS degree with an AS in Histology Technology, and then by a National Certification. Emilie currently renders her services for several large hospitals in the Anatomic Pathology Departments. With her sympathetic nature, she also devotes her services for hospitals that are in underserved communities. Emilie is an advocate and mentor to those who want to enter the laboratory sciences.

“I am full of energy and passion. But never full of myself”

Along with her career in medicine, Emilie had an impressive place in the Fashion Industry. Since childhood, Emile wanted to be a designer but was influenced to study medicine or sciences. She did not compromised on her ambitions and worked tirelessly to pursue her goals. While working in the hospital, she used to sew at daytime and dedicated her nights to designing. Emile Jerard has been designing since 2005 that makes it more than a decade now. Her conscientious attitude led to remarkable successes in her life. She now owns several crowns on her name, covers for fashion magazines, an appearance in the NY Fashion week, and have a costumer credit on a major motion picture.

“I like changing myself and seeing what I can accomplish once I dedicate myself “>

Whatever endeavor Emilie undertakes, she always makes sure she stays financially disciplined. This diversifying trait led to her keen interest in emerging financial markets specifically the cryptocurrencies that have the potential to grow exponentially.

Emilie is now dedicated to driving herself and others forward through effective money management strategies; therefore, Emilie’s YouTube Channel is all about promoting financial education, Cryptocurrency education, retirement education and all one needs to know to get their money working for them.




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